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img_0010After helping friends, Family and coworkers through the years plan Walt Disney World vacations I am pleased to announce that as the owner of www.Disneytripsonabudget.com (Rick Rogers) I am now an Authorized Disney Travel Planner. I can help you plan the trip, book the reservations, Make ADR’s on your 160 Day prior to trip and can keep watch for you for any discounts or programs that could save you money that might show up after the reservation is booked. All of this is done free of charge because there is no charge to use the service. I have made over 45 Trips to Walt Disney World myself and have help with about another 40 books trips for Friends, Family and Coworkers. All of this is done for free no cost to you. If you don’t feeling like spending hours on the phone or online trying to figure out your options then I will do it for you. In the near future I will be adding a Contact Form for people interested in the service or you can use my email address
rick@castleconnectionstravel.com for questions.

Rick Rogers

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