Disney Designer Fairytale Rapunzel And Flynn Dolls Limited edition

51TK-l5L+4L__SY355_ Disney Designer Fairytale Rapunzel And Flynn Dolls Limited edition
These dolls will be nearly impossible to obtain as they are in high demand and are a limited edition of 6000. This is a confirmed sale and your doll is guaranteed. We have pre-ordered the entire set and will be selling 3 of the dolls within the set, so be sure to check out our other listings for an opportunity to obtain additional dolls from the collection! Your doll will be shipped in mid October once they are released. Very limited quantities will be distributed throughout Disney Stores. This is your chance to bring the magic of the Fairytale Designer Collection to your home. Here are some details about the collection: The Disney Fairytale Designer Collection was carefully crafted by artists inspired by Disney’s true heritage of the fairytale beginning with their 1937 classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Celebrating the magical moment in the fairytale when the couples fall in love, five Disney Princesses and their beaus have been reimagined in exquisite detail with these limited edition dolls. Brought to life with thoughtful attention, they uniquely capture the essence of the fairytale couple, creating a one of a kind set that will be a treasured keepsake of collectors, Disney fans, and every princess at heart! Global Limited Editon of 6000 Includes Certificates of Authenticity Each set presented in a special keepsake display case with intricate details on the base, including a golden plate with the name of the specific Disney Princess and their partner Part of the Disney Fairytale Designer Collection.
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Disney Designer Fairytale Rapunzel And Flynn Dolls Limited edition

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